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Local Businesses in SEO and 7 SEO Tips for Local Businesses you Need to Know 

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Most individuals or businesses who use the web, most often are on the lookout for something. To be more specific, businesses lately have harnessed the power of the web to promote their offerings, gain more viewership and hence traction. Let alone small businesses, even the big names in the market need traction for their website and they especially aren’t the ones sitting on past laurels. So, if you are a local business owner reading this, this is for you.  

If you are a business owner with presence on the web, it is assumed that you are aware of the critical role SEO plays in attracting customers and leads. The icing on the cake is the encouraging statistics you see below. 

  • 73% of clicks are from organic web listings 
  • 20% increase in usage of search engines each year 
  • Ranking in top positions of Google means nearly 40% Click-Through Rate  
  • Organic searches receive an average of 19 times more clicks than a paid search result.  
Best SEO Company in India
Best SEO Company in India

Now if you own a local business, which is the main course of this blog, you don’t want to miss these numbers.  

  • 96% of individuals learn about local businesses through the web/online. 
  • 50% of purchases occur with brands having local presence. 
  • 28% of local searches end up being a purchase. 
  • 80% of local searches convert  
  • 50% of phone users visit a store within a day of a local search. 
  • 46% searches relate to local businesses 
  • 150% increase in “near me” searches as against those “without near me” 

SEO vs Local SEO 

SEO services

Before we dive into the aspects of SEO for local businesses, let’s look at SEO at large. SEO in the general sense has for long been known as a strategy adopted to increase both the quality and quantity of web traffic organically. While quality traffic refers to the relevance of visitors on that page, quantity is the numbers.  

Currently, the nature of search itself is evolving. The sooner it is understood, the better it is for businesses to thrive. Most of us are aware of SEO in the traditional sense, which is leveraged in many ways to help promote rankings of websites on a global or national level. This is Traditional SEO which we all regularly make sense of.    

Local SEO on the other hand is specific to geographies during a search. This means that local businesses need to optimize their website to enhance local search results in the form of traffic, visibility, and reach.  

Why does SEO for Local Businesses Matter?  

Local businesses

Local SEO helps in delivering hyper-personalized content to local buyers & consumers with user based unique preferences by recognizing the intent behind the search. Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms are used to derive search intent after which precise, relevant and personalized responses are delivered. This is a golden pot for those seeking localized & concentrated traffic on to their websites, and it is high-time local business owners and marketers adopt techniques such as NLPs in their SEO strategy.  

Key Aspects of Local SEO 

Best SEO Agency in Bangalore
Best SEO Agency in Bangalore

Similar to traditional SEO, the aim of local SEO is to boost visibility after search, but the point here is to attract local customers through web search and drive them to an offline or physical store. Infact, it can be classified into three key aspects as below: 

Relevance: Is the search result serving the specific cause of the user’s query! 

Proximity or Distance: Are the displayed search results at close proximity to the user’s current location! 

Importance: Does the displayed results rank as popular or include positive opinions/reviews! 

For example, if one is looking for a restaurant that serves South Indian food, then the query of the person will be “South Indian Restaurants near me”. Google then returns results with top 3 restaurants which are at close distance to the user’s location along with the ratings & reviews, termed as local SEO 3-pack by best matching the search intent & query.

7 SEO Tips for Local Businesses you Need to Know 

While the end goal is to remain atop of search results, it simply does not suffice. The actual intent should be to ensure a constant and healthy engagement with potential customers and users; in this case local customers.
So, we present before you 7 tips that enhance your local business to help secure the spot of your local business at the top of the SERPs.  

1. Listing your Local Business Profile

Create your Google Business Profile to: 
  • Get placed on Google Search Results 
  • Be Located & searchable on Google Maps 
  • Found on other mapping platforms 
Best SEO Company in India

2. Furnish accurate & relevant information

Make sure you provide accurate & up-to-date information about your business, products, services, location and are consistent across all platforms. Make sure to regularly update any changes, for example your hours of operation and addition or deletion of any products.

3. Research Local Keywords

Ensure a rigorous and thorough search of all the keywords that your potential customers are using to attain their desires. Leveraging specialized keyword tools will help you gain insights into many crucial metrics such as search volume, cost-per-click, and the competition you are in.
SEO services
SEO services

4. Interact with Customers

Keep track of customer reviews and responses and ensure they are regularly responded to. By doing so, you not only help yourself optimize your Google My Business account, but you are also harnessing the warmth from customers and a good-will gesture that will constantly linger in their hearts & minds.  

You can also expand your encouragement for reviews to social media and other third-party review sites. This shows that you are not afraid to be transparent and take open opinions which further builds trust with your customers.  

5. Leverage Citations from Reputed Organizations

Ensure a rigorous and thorough search of all the keywords that your potential customers are using to attain their desires. Leveraging specialized keyword tools will help you gain insights into many crucial metrics such as search volume, cost-per-click, and the competition you are in.
Local businesses

6. Make it Mobile Responsive

Making your website mobile responsive places you at the greatest of advantages, given half of the online traffic is driven via mobile devices. Leveraging Google’s mobile-first indexing can be a great option which helps your site rank atop and among the best because Google has itself come up with a mobile-first approach and is a statement not worth ignoring.
Best SEO Company in India

7. Be social media Active

Having your presence and being active on social media is crucial as most of the buys are decided more or less based on reviews on social media. Here are more reasons:  

  • Increases your chances of being visible multifold (brand awareness) 
  • Helps build traffic to your website 
  • Helps you with constant customer engagement 
Best SEO Company in India
Best SEO Company in India


Local SEO possesses a distinct goal compared to that of traditional SEO. It is more refined, researched and deals with the specifics. Try linking up with the best SEO agency in Bangalore or trying looking for the best SEO company in India who offer the best SEO services. Adopt the aforementioned tips and see your local business thrive even amid fierce competition.

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