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What Can a Powerful Brand Story Do to Your Company

Powerful Brand Story Do to Your Company

What is a brand story, and why we need them?

A brand story is a way of showcasing what your brand has to offer. It is a total picture made up of facts, feelings & interpretations.

Everything you do, each element of your business, your product, price, history, quality, marketing, in-store experience, purpose, values, the colors, and texture, staff, location, and most crucially what other people say about you is part of your brand story and every element should reflect the truth about your brand to your audience.

A brand story is an interrelated narrative that encompasses the verity and feelings that are created by your brand.
Different from traditional advertising (which is about showing and speaking about your brand), a story must inspire an emotional reaction.

The 5 Elements Of a Good Brand Story

Before you start telling people what your brand story is, it is very important to figure out your brand essence. Your brand story will thrive with the existence of the following 5 elements. Some of these elements are more important in each brand story depending on your brand.

1. Reason Why: Customers do not buy what you do; they buy why you do it. The reason why your company came to be, why you matter to your customers. Which types of customers attain value by working with your brand and why?

2. Customer Experience: You need to consistently reflect your brand with every customer interaction. It is important to see how the experience relates to other key branding elements like brand identity and brand voice.

3. Characters: Who are the protagonists in your story? Who made you do what you do? To get personally involved with a story, you must be able to identify with the characters keeping your target audience in mind. The audience must be able to identify with the hero and the problem.

4. Your Brand Biography: What is the story of your business? What are the events that shaped its history? The culmination of emotions, experiences, and events shape the history of a business and the brand. The past of the brand will depict who they are now.

5. Brand Promise: It is the formulation of the way your brand will make the lives of the people better. What advantage will your customers have by using your brand?

The Most Powerful Ways to Tell Your Brand Story

Marketing is the heart of every business and there is a brand story to be told to the world.

It’s more than making new products & services attractive to potential customers.

The best marketing campaigns create a lasting impression that burrows into the minds of your customers in a way that they wouldn’t be able to forget if they tried.

If you master the art of creating the right brand story for the right audience at the right time, you will have a rock-solid foundation from which you can build something truly meaningful and special. If you can’t, nothing else will matter.

But, what makes a powerful brand story in the first place? Read below and choose the methods wisely.

  1. Highlight Brand Values
  2. Make it Authentic
  3. Make it Simple, Yet Bold
  4. Have a Strong “Why” Factor
  5. Engage Consistently
  6. Share the Journey

Regardless of what sort of business you’re representing, all truly phenomenal brand stories have a few important things in common when it comes to telling a brand story.

Some Of The Best Brand Story Examples

Great brand stories mostly share common traits.

A brand story just isn’t a valuable marketing asset. It’s also a brand’s guiding principles and impacts every facet of the organization.

Brands that have nailed their brand stories start with problems, embrace the underdog status, and redefine an experience.

These amazing brands foster a community of devoted fans as passion is inbuilt in them.
We loved some of the exceptional brand stories in India like, Vedantu, and Raw Mango. Kudos to Team for their unwavering passion inbuilt in them. They truly know who they are, what they’re doing, and what they stand for.

Develop Your Brand Story With Us!

We can assist you to craft a brand story that illustrates the type of customers who are the best fit for your brand.

Our unique approach includes everything from brand awareness to content-creation, as we bring together digital marketing strategy & tactics to drive measurable business growth, with a strict focus on your bottom line.

Ultimately, it is an interesting and meaningful brand story that will help you stand out from the competition.
This all leads to better ROI of advertising campaigns, higher conversion rates, and a loyal customer base that will come back to your brand time and again.
Whether you’ve already got some great ideas for a brand story, or you’re at a total creative loss, we can help you!
Contact us today to learn more about developing a brand story!

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