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Digital Marketing and Coronavirus

Digital marketing and coronavirus

As Coronavirus has proved to be a major threat to businesses and jobs worldwide including health, Digital Marketing may take a great leap forward due to this probable havoc.

Our honourable PM Narendra Modi along with the Government of India has urged Indian citizens to adhere to a self imposed lockdown since March 23. Various measures have been taken since then to curb the spread of this virus in India and also worldwide.

It started with the Janata Curfew on March 21 st where we were strictly asked not to step out of our respective homes, especially citizens over 60 years of age. He also requested everyone to avoid non- essential gathering and travel in the coming days.

We appreciated the people in essential jobs like doctors, nurses, and other medical staff, by clapping for 5 minutes during the curfew. The Government had warned us to be ready if more severe measures needed to be taken in the future. And here we are! Still no resolution and the virus getting deadlier day by day.

Today no business can run without Digital assistance because of the digital world, marketing can be easily carried out without any glitches. Everything now works online and people prefer to search for things through websites or digital modes. Digital marketing is the most popular method of promoting any business to attract customers/clients.

Non-profits & Charities

We can expect many non profits will face new challenges in the weeks ahead. Non-profits that hold conferences, or provide training sessions or conduct in-person fundraising events, may need to assess their options. Those that provide services to populations who are most at risk of acquiring the virus may be facing unique challenges in serving their communities.

What steps should non-profits take?

Digital marketing has become a reliable source in times like these. It encourages brand awareness, builds global reach and tracks results. You can use email marketing, social media, and other inexpensive ways to resonate with potential consumers. Overall making this the best cost-effective platform than traditional marketing tactics.

Health and Medical Care

With the ever-increasing attentiveness around the keyword “Coronavirus”, it created a golden opportunity for the medical and health care company verticals to supply related services. Many are searching for information on the net on how to protect ourselves and our communities. Search engines are being used to purchase everything from over-the-counter painkillers to vital medication. Advertisers are seeing increased ease in selling their products online, with conversion rates and ad clicks both significantly higher than usual. Also, with more people being steered towards virtual care, telemedicine providers are seeing substantial upticks in use.
By using search engines, engaging patients on social media, creating targeted outreach with great multi media content, and taking advantage of campaign data analytics, patient engagement and loyalty are quickly improved. It has also become an opportunity to ethically and effectively position your hospital/medical practice for the future.

Business Management

Corona Virus pandemic has disrupted many of the traditional areas of business management. To be “business as usual”, businesses are adapting practices to make sure their employees are healthy and infection-free during these uncertain times. Many additional services and resources are handled digitally to be able to manage through, particularly with setting up employees to work remotely and crafting continuity plans. Traditional retail is shifting focus into operating online, and packing & shipping supplies are focusing on their search ad conversion rates to stay put in the business. Digital marketing strategies including customer engagement & consumer behaviour, social media, online reputation management, inbound marketing, advertising & branding, graphic design, and website development are used to turn this panic into productive and proactive action.

Finance Industry

Many finance firms dropped the idea of integrating Digital Marketing to their strategies because initiating any action will require a lengthy process and more time. So, currently, they are way behind the ones which are digitally equipped. Due to rigid nature of financial institutions, they are unwilling to change but the fact is that companies that adapt to these changes will thrive and those that don’t will have to fight for survival during the Corona outbreak. It is important for Finance industries to adopt digital marketing to find out potential customers and receive customer feedback in order to design their products and improve their current services.

By strong online presence, understanding the regulations, customer personalization via social media, mobile marketing and content marketing – finance industries will create an interactive, and real- world engagement with clients to flourish in the business.

Staying at Home could be most Effective

For your Business Growth

The beauty of Digital Marketing is that it can be most effective without having to move out in times of crisis. You can easily put your business in front of thousands of potential customers. Staying at home couldn’t be better than this to grow your business.

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Using Growth Marketing Strategies

Due to the outbreak, businesses are rethinking their strategies on marketing as the traditional marketing forms take a hit. Adopt Growth Marketing Strategy in your business to turn this situation into a positive dimension in a digital way.

Growth Marketing is one of the newest forms of digital marketing that acquires and maximizes client retention rates across varied digital marketing channels, like search and email. It revolves around creative, data-driven tactics that consider the unique wants, pain points, and questions of users.

Building your Online Presence

The digital world is our saving grace during these turbulent times of lockdown. Seize the opportunity to leverage the online presence for your business by integrating search engine optimization (SEO) by obtaining a high ranking placement in search engine results. The more traffic your website gets, the more leads and revenue you can generate. Consider your website as your base operation where all of your online marketing efforts will lead your visitors. Maximise the user experience for your website. Make sure that you have a user- friendly web design and comprehensive content so that it is easier for you to convince your visitors to consider your products or services. Also, it is crucial to have a mobile friendly website as people use their mobiles to conduct searches more than laptops, computers or tablets.

Using Social Media to boost Audience Insights

The novel coronavirus pandemic has brought people flocking to Facebook and other social networks. If you are a business owner and you want to make sure your social media isn’t missing the mark, we recommend that you keep your social media presence going with regular and planned posts across a variety of social media platforms. As a matter of fact, you could increase your posting a bit. People will most likely be on social media more while they have some downtime.
Businesses need to be adjusting their brand voice for COVID-19 that apply to all brand communications. Protocols and sentiments are fast-changing during these times, make your posts in an empathetic tone; support and encourage others. Do not post updates about the virus on your business accounts. You do not want to be accused of spreading misinformation.

Choosing Better Ad campaigns

We should figure out how to do business in these unfamiliar circumstances now, your business should be fluid. Your competitors would be stopping their ad campaigns because of their fear of future or their current situation. This is the best time to strengthen your ad campaigns in order to improve your Digital Marketing ROI and potentially outrank competitors. Let your customers know you’ve increased your sanitary practices and how you’re doing that specifically. Offer online consultations, online workouts, free delivery services, free curb side pickup etc – these opportunities can be boosted with strategic advertising campaigns. Track the ROI at all stages of the ad campaigns which would prove your campaigns to be effective – from campaign setup and bidding through to scaling and optimization. If your campaigns are bringing in more money than you are spending on them, then you have a positive return on investment.

More Creativity in your Content and Infographics

Your audience still wants information that “speak” to them while they are at home on the internet. And continuing to be creative with your content and graphics for search, social media & amp; email now is an excellent way to show your customers that you’re still HERE, during, and even after the pandemic.

Great content and artistic infographics have incredible potential for re-sharing and they’re great for earning backlinks to your site. Also, they break down important information in a way that’s easy for your customers to understand and take action. With strong text-driven content and creative infographics, you need to ask two key questions to yourself to before you pounce on a hot topic right now:
1. If you are powered or credible enough to add value to the topic – is it logical to your business?
2. Is it fitting at this time of global public health crisis?

The best way to get productive with content and infographics for your business’ brand boost is by hiring a full-service digital marketing company like Innovkraft.

User Data and Feedback aid Analytics

It is now more important than ever for businesses to dial in their Analytics strategy. They are required to demonstrate positive empathy and competence amid the pandemic to emerge in a stronger position. To position your services to a business whose doors are shut currently, you can still add new value prop that can show benefit in this time other than pushing content to their existing client database. Blending user feedback and analytics data, you can conclusively make better informed decisions. Quantitative data from your analytics tools will tell you what is happening, and integrating it with qualitative user acumens will tell you why. With feedback and analytics, fill in the notches in your data set, plan out the most valuable points in your customer’s journey, prioritize improvements, validate assumptions and repeat it to continuously improve your customers’ experience. Be calm, look for new insights, and sharpen your Analytics approach — you may even find new opportunities that previously went unnoticed.

Digital Marketing could be More Important than ever post Covid-19 Phase

Save 50 cents for Marketing

“Marketing and Innovation make Money, everything else is a Cost” — Peter F Drucker This is a fact as Marketing is the distinctive, unique function of the business. To REACH your customers to sell your product/services, what you exactly need is Marketing! It is the bridge between YOU and the MARKET – the reason why it is called MARKET-ing! In these dwindling revenues due to COVID-19 times, if you’re thinking if the aforesaid statement is non-applicable – LET US AFFIRM, Marketing costs need to be optimized NOW so that maximum value is obtained at minimal budgets. And the safest way to optimize marketing to get a high ROI is – DIGITAL MARKETING! This is very important for your BUSINESS to deliver honest, true values to its clients.

“Marketing and Innovation make Money, everything else is a Cost” — Peter F Drucker This is a fact as Marketing is the distinctive, unique function of the business. To REACH your customers to sell your product/services, what you exactly need is Marketing! It is the bridge between YOU and the MARKET – the reason why it is called MARKET-ing! In these dwindling revenues due to COVID-19 times, if you’re thinking if the aforesaid statement is non-applicable – LET US AFFIRM, Marketing costs need to be optimized NOW so that maximum value is obtained at minimal budgets. And the safest way to optimize marketing to get a high ROI is – DIGITAL MARKETING! This is very important for your BUSINESS to deliver honest, true values to its clients.

The other side of the Fence – Need for Digital Transformation

We’re all familiar with the old saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” True, as we reverse the coin, humanity is too lazy to change unless nature teaches them a lesson! Same for digital transformation!

Due to the Coronavirus crisis during the past couple of months and a few months going forward, companies are thinking of new processes and ways to do the business. The Solution is Digital Marketing! There’s no better way to receive greater results at optimized costs than marketing on online platforms. Digital economies and online transformation have been explosively embraced by all the markets and consumers irrespective of location. It’s time for the businesses to adapt to this transformation too!

There is always another side to the fence. The ongoing pandemic has taught a valuable lesson — The digital economy would be THE economy going forward. It’s THE ONLY WAY to develop the next generation of an economy that’s resilient and safeguarded from natural disasters.

Eye-popping and Engaging Content is Essential

The first and foremost step to consolidate your digital marketing activities is to have a fantastic website and social media that’s eye popping and engaging for our end-users. With the right content strategy that its into the current landscape, you can build an authority for the masses to fare well with your website and social! Using AI-driven tools, you can analyse online data and segment your target audience based on the topics/keywords people are interested in to deliver relevant content for more precise targeting, and placing your ad where it is brand-safe. Implement Visual marketing – use creative images & videos to boost your site traffic which makes them the best type of content to spread around social media. Creating a new format for the existing subject enables your audience to consume it refreshingly.

Unleash your Brand’s Online Business Potential

Remember – GOING FORWARD, DIGITAL ECONOMY IS THE ECONOMY. Future-proof your business by going online!

You can grow your business online without spending thousands on marketing. All you need is a little bit of effort, consistency, and determination. By building your digital presence, you have things easier. In most cases, however, you can use marketing to build a solid plan for the future, minimize the harm and at least help you tread water until better times. The more xposure your online business gets, the more likely you are to make more sales. If your business does not have digital offerings and have no idea to create one at low costs during these times, we help you with ideas that not only create inexpensive online revenue channels but also expand the reach of your business that were traditionally seen as local.

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