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Twitter’s Fleets Feature - What Businesses Need to Know

Twitter’s Fleets Feature

On June 8, Twitter India launched ‘Fleets’ for its users which allows them to share momentary thoughts as it disappears in a day. Along with this, Twitter has added a visual element to its platform that will allow users to express their views with GIFs, videos and images.

The “stories” pattern has become quite the culture since Snapchat first rolled onto the scene in 2011, Later it’s been adapted for Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn and now — Twitter.

Fleets, like Instagram Stories, give users a platform to share casual, everyday thoughts without stressing over the permanence of those thoughts.

“Fleeting Tweets” are what “Fleets” stand for. So, how are they different from regular Tweets?

Well, unlike regular Tweets, Fleets disappear after 24 hours and can’t be retweeted, liked, or open for public comments. A user’s Fleets will appear at the top of their home page (similar to Instagram Stories), and anyone who can access your profile will also be able to find your Fleets there.

If your DMs are open, users will be able to respond to your Fleets with a text-based comment or an emoji.

So, what does this Mean for Businesses?

Twitteratis would be more enticed to engage on the platform — especially those who are not as comfortable sharing regular (permanent) Tweets. Brands can use this feature to weave snacky, visual content on this micro-blogging platform.

Exactly like other platforms, this feature would assist brands in adding a relatability factor in their communications on Twitter, too. Brands will come up with interesting content for this platform as well, utilising this as a new opportunity in their sales funnel. Also, interacting via direct messaging might add a more personal touch to the discussion.

It brings more opportunities for brands and content creators to engage with their audiences, add more value to their overall content plans and bring in a sense of urgency to make a buying decision. This feature would help the marketers to make major announcements, create engagement marketing campaigns, embrace live events and build better enhancing social strategy.

Since Fleets are only recently being tested, it’s difficult to say how it will play out. Hoping that businesses would jump on this trend as we did! Fleeting content is one of the biggest social media success stories in recent years, and Twitter might be able to ride that success with Fleets.

Have you tried the new feature? Let us know your thoughts on this!

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