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Top 10 SEO Trends of 2024 

Top 10 SEO Trends of 2024 
Top 10 SEO Trends of 2024 

If SEO trends in the year 2023 was more about rise in AI tools and Google updates for SERP quality enhancements,  then there’s more to expect in an exciting 2024. 

Come 2024, expect AI to get deeper into SEO, while more prominence would lie on expert or authority driven content. This also means that you need to prep up for the shift in gears and adapt to the trends of 2024 to ensure you do not displace yourself from Google’s first page search. 

Now let’s fast dive into the 10 key trends of 2024 you want to be a part of - 

1. Optimizing Video Content (Video SEO) 

Video SEO

According to a report from Wyzowl, while 91% of businesses want to leverage video as a marketing tool, 51% of people desire to share video-based content as against other means.  

Out of the 89% video marketers, 83% of them are experiencing lead generation & increased web-site traction through videos. 

Now that we have the stats, brings us to the critical question. How to gain complete leverage and optimize this inward video wave amid an intensely competitive video market?
  • Devise a formidable Video SEO strategy
  • Use contextual & relevant key words in title, tags & description
A solid video plan sling shots your videos & makes them stand apart, not only leading to increased viewership, but also creates committed subscribers.

2. Google’s SGE & Impact 

Yes, Google may roll out several features and make way for a comprehensive SGE. Though there are talks that generative search from Google might take all the traction off other platforms, it may just not be the case.  

SEO Trends

This is because, though Google’s SGE may quickly put forth AI generated summaries or answers for people’s generic queries, users must still click on the best ranked content for a more detailed information. This only means that users travel the last mile to trust and search for that worthy content.  

Regardless of Google’s game changers, your job is to create on point and legit content that include real-life experiences.  

3. Voice Search will Remain   

With the influx in use of hand-held devices, voice-based search will remain to be one of the most influencing means to search information or content. Given the advantage of information on-the-go, and a convenient mean, 2024 is more likely to have more voice-based searches that’ll dominate other search means. 

SEO Trends - Voice Search

Optimizing your website and content regardless of devices is key.   

4. Users May Go Beyond Conventional Search Engines 

With more data driven & dry AI generated answers on the rise, users may stop clicking on everything & anything that pops up on Google. People always tend to look for an interactive experience with a human touch & trust. 

SEO Trends 2024

Pound in authentic content, the one that connects users with done & doable experiences, and ensure it has the touch of an interaction to it.  

5. Authoritative/Expert-Written Content  

Most people during their search, look for validations. Though they may read any content as a click-bait, they will only return to those that provided them with the answers they needed.  

Make your platform the best source for information.

Content SEO

Your content needs to exude that confidence of an expert and reasoning that’ll direct people. So, include anecdotes, quotes, or talks from experts.  

When you type Football and you are in USA, Google will show you results relevant to Soccer as it is called in the US. Semantic search is arguably the most under-talked of all.  

To be able to keep in mind context, entities and intent and deliver accurate & meaningful search results takes some intelligence. Semantic search will continue to help users with their generic searched queries to provide them with just what they want

SEO Trends - Search Intent

The secret is to conduct meticulous keyword research and analysis by researching and identifying keywords that connect to your target audience. Tools such as Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush would be of great help.  

7. Technical SEO  

Though your content could be a well-structured, thoughtful it may just not attract the needed traffic unless a search engine should dig it.  

It’s like a great speech that when unrecorded. Without a formidable SEO base your content may not yield the search. 

Technical SEO

Follow these checklists to ensure a sound Technical SEO 

  • Improve website loading speed
  • Ensure checks for website functionality
  • Check for Usability
  • Optimize Content 
  • Ensure a user-friendly website

8. Online Presence  

With more people becoming aware of SEO and its workability, 2024 will likely see a shift from mere website rankings on search engines to having a broader online presence. Beyond just ads, value-oriented content will become crucial.  

SEO Trends

Work towards establishing a wider reach for your website with expert and value driven content on time, every time. 

9. Featured snippets   

Featured snippets   

Featured snippets are designed to swiftly offer users concise answers to their queries, eliminating the need to navigate to a specific webpage. These snippets manifest in diverse formats such as paragraphs, lists, tables, or videos, contingent upon the query’s nature and the available web content. They serve as a convenient tool for users seeking quick and accurate information without extensive browsing.

10. Data-driven & Influencer SEO 

SEO Trends in 2024

Brands today are looking to promote their content through influencers, while also establishing stats and facts to retain and attract users. This not only boosts search ranks but is also a great way to stimulate your presence.  
It’s the right time to make hay while the sun shines. Drive value-driven content and adopt these critical SEO trends and see yourself juggernaut amid a competitive 2024.   

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