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The Best SEO Hacks Which Could Increase Your Search Traffic in 2020!​

The best seo hacks which could increase your search traffic in 2020 detailed_

Are you looking to ignite your website’s ranking to the top of the search engine results page?

Focus on the strategies and users to increase your SEO performance sooner – SEO is quiet a long-term strategy, but it is possible!

Each and every business or start-up that has ever launched a website knows this pain to attract new customers. The world is competitive and therefore you got to set yourself unique from the million other websites in your field, in your country! No wonder proving your ROI is the topmost SEO challenge.

Common Seo Challenges

In order to find success in SEO, it is very essential to have the right mindset and understanding with the right efforts to achieve better rankings. You can always apply some of the simplest SEO hacks used by the pros and witness some amazing results come your way.

So, are you in for some SEO Hacks? Then follow these SEO hacks to improve the ranking positions of your website in the organic search.

Your Site Structure is Important to Enhance SEO

Your website structure is a core aspect and a very actionable part of your SEO strategy! This helps the search engines to index your URLs better and help increase traffic to your site. You can influence which articles will rank highest in the search engines with your site’s structure – it deals with how your content is grouped, linked and presented to the user. A good site will help both internet browsers & search engines to navigate your site easily. The site structure is important for user experience (UX) too! This way, you’ll stay on top of things and keep your website from growing out of control!

Want to improve your site structure but don’t know where to start? Get in touch with us TODAY and we will guide you through the process!

Ensure your Site is Easily crawlable in Search Engines

The “optimization” part of the SEO is actually what crawling stands for. Crawler bots or Spiders help the search engines to add web pages to their indexes and also check for links to web pages that no longer exist. The efforts to increase your website’s authority would go in vain if the search engines’ crawlers can’t crawl and index your sites. This is why apart from concentrating on adding and optimizing pages for relevant keywords and building links, you must invariably monitor whether web crawlers can access your site and report what they find to the search engine.

Adding the ‘S’ to HTTP – The Difference!

What is all this jargon being thrown around about HTTP vs HTTPS, what does this mean and does it make a difference to your website?

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is most commonly used to transfer data from a web server to a browser to allow users to view web pages. Whereas the ‘S’ in the HTTPS means the website is ‘Secure’ and it uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate ensuring the information is encrypted for added cybersecurity. Having an HTTPS website helps build trust with your current and prospective clients and customers, improves your SEO and increases your search engine rankings, and more.

Improve Text readability for Optimal User Experience

The ultimate goal of your text is to communicate; all on-screen elements should mesh in a way that improves UX while getting your message across. Understanding how people read and why they read the way they do is vital for creating an optimal reading experience given the rise of mobile usage.

There’s a difference in how a company looks and how it sounds online. The tone and flow of content speak your brand’s voice while the visual UX & UI design makes it approachable. The creative team needs to focus on goal-oriented, data-driven content and present that content in a way that helps it succeed. Great content can’t convert if there’s a UX readability issue. Writers and designers work together to make it happen.

Improve text readability by carefully choosing fonts, keeping content compact, & offering adequate anchors for effortless scanning.

Improve your Page Speed in 2020! – Website Best Practices

We’re in a fast-moving world. It’s no surprise people expect agility and speed when they are browsing the web. They want their user experience unhindered so they can effortlessly receive the information they were searching for. A normal user expects web pages to load less than after 3 seconds. If you do not meet this expectation check, you lose a lot of website traffic and also, as a result, your revenue.

Make use of page speed tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, Varvy PageSpeed Optimization, GTmetrix and Pingdom Speed Test to resolve your website speed issues.

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