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How a well-designed website can help a business?

Clearly, in this digital era having a digital presence is a must for any and every business. People are spending time in front of the screen more than ever before which is a great opportunity to get in touch with them and show them who you are.

Who knows, they might be interested in your offerings and can become paying customers. But how do you reach these potential customers? There are many ways to get started with the digital presence for a business. A business can have a social media presence, Blog page or a fully functional website. Out of these, having a website is the most effective one.

But the question here is why web development is important? If you are serious about what you are doing and want your prospective customers to take you seriously too, then building a fully functional and user-friendly website is a must.

No matter what you do, having a website can help you in many ways. Let’s have a look at the most generic benefits of web design and development and of having a well-designed and functioning website for any business.

  • Helps in creating awareness about your brand’s existence.
  • Provides a platform to showcase your work without any geographical restriction.
  • Promote your website to meet various business goals.
  • Build a community or listing of potential customers.
  • Keep your customers updated with the latest offerings

There are many more to the list but we’ll stick to the basics here for everyone’s benefit.

What makes a website effective Anyway?

To make a visually appealing and functional website a few things should be kept in mind. Broadly speaking, the elements of a website and the process of web development can make or break a website. Let’s have a look at what makes an effective website.

Elements of a Super Cool Website Development Strategy

Visual Design: The interface of the website should be easy to understand and visually appealing to catch the attention of the visitors.

Experience design: The flow of the website should be effortless which makes the overall navigation experience easy and user-friendly.

Branding: The design and experience should reflect the brand itself. The color scheme, images, texts, and other design elements should be in place throughout the website.

Content: The content of the website is very important. It should be informative, easy to understand, and readable. Also, the content should be search engine optimized to increase organic traffic.

Easy and understandable call to action: The call to action should be clear and compelling so that the visitor can take action with ease.

Images: High-quality images should be used in the website that represents the brand perfectly.

Contact: The contact page should be in place. It helps the visitors to get in touch with the brand and builds a trust factor when used in the right way.

Speed: The speed of a website matters a lot. With decreasing attention span, it becomes important to build a website that loads fast.

Security: If someone is sharing their personal details with a business then it’s the responsibility of the business to keep it secure. A secure website keeps it safe for hackers and helps a business in the long run by building trust factor.

What are the best web design and development tools?

The traditional way of web development has lost its charm as many platforms provide easy to use web design and development tools for making a fully functional website.

You don’t need to be a coder to make your website anymore. The most commonly used platforms for web design and development services are WordPress, Wix, and Shopify.

They are easy to use and give many unique features to the developer.

Continue reading to find out what these platforms are all about

Website Development on WordPress

It is a free website creation platform and can be used by anybody. It is very easy to use and comes with thousands of pre-built templates and plugins to make a beautiful and functional website. It’s easy to maintain and manage. The websites are secure and safe. It is well equipped with tools that make it a great platform for various purposes. One can create a blog site, e-commerce website, Forums, etc. on WordPress. If you’re looking for WordPress web development company in Bangalore, keep on reading. More on that coming up in a bit!

Website Development on Wix

Wix website builder offers two ways of developing a website. One is from scratch where users can choose from the templates or start designing on a blank space and the other is Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) where the user provides the required information and Wix website builder builds a website for them. Using Wix for website makes it easier to build great websites

Website Development on Shopify

It is among the best platforms to build an e-commerce website and allows it to sell physical as well as digital products. It provides tools that help in processing e-commerce websites flawlessly like templates, a payment processor, a blog and even email marketing tools.

Website development platforms or traditional coding?

The answer is very simple. Website development platforms are easier to use and are cost-effective. Furthermore, these platforms provide many user-friendly features that help you with your business. For example; if you own an e-commerce and are wondering why to use WordPress, WordPress e-commernce website is a great way to get started. Also, WordPress is a multifaceted service provider. It provides tools to design beautiful websites that are functional, SEO & email marketing, plugins to analyse website performance, to list few. They also provide access to codes which makes it even more customizable. The maintenance of these sites is very easy and the cost of publishing and maintaining is comparatively low considering the fees of coders. So, it’s safe to say that website development platforms have an upper hand here.

Success stories/Niche case study

Yeah, that’s a lot to take in, we understand. We thought we’ll show you some examples.

1) Healthy Rootin

Healthy Rootin is a brand with a simple yet profound idea: simple food habits to improve health. Well, this idea was shared across the world with one simple decision: to develop a website for the idea. So, if you’re someone who has a simple idea, you can get it across to the world with simple and easy website development strategy. In short, if you have an idea, it needs a website.

2) Talent Verge

Talent Verge is a brand offering up skill course. This is also an ecommerce site. Hands down this was developed using WordPress website development platform. We give you another great motivating reason to consider perfect website development strategy.

3) Audora

Audora is one of the typical examples of a website built using Shopify. It was built in a short time. The aesthetic of this website is pleasing as shopify website design offers some interesting options. The business as you can see is a product-based business. The website has brought the company significant profits by increasing their sales. One more reason for you to consider website development for your business.

Where to go for Website Development

Yeah, we understand that you’re motivated to build a website for yourself. And that is what we do, help you with website development

Where to go for Website Development

Yeah, we understand that you’re motivated to build a website for yourself. And that is what we do, help you with website development


Innovkraft is one of the best web development companies in Bangalore. Let us have a look at the process we follow that makes us different from others.

We at Innovkraft start with a deep analysis of the client’s business and requirements.

The next step is to come up with plans with a sitemap wireframe and the timeline to implement the plan. After the approval of the plan, we proceed to the UI/UX team for design and simultaneously the content developers start working on high-quality content. This saves time and makes us efficient at what we do.

Once these are in place the developers get into motion and implement everything as planned to make the website ready to use. We at Innovkraft use WordPress extensively to develop effective websites. We also consider different platforms according to our clients’ requirements.

Our efficient team work and on time delivery has made us the best website designing company in Bangalore. Our dedicated team of experts make sure that the work is done flawlessly and on time.

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