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Clubhouse App – 5 Things You Need to Know

Clubhouse app – 5 things you need to know detailed

Clubhouse Meaning - Understanding the Clubhouse App

As it goes, most social media platforms are used to build solid community. Clubhouse, stands as a true example of that statement. Clubhouse app helps build strong digital community.

So much so that initially when it was launched in 2020 of March, it was open only for the elite. That is people who had large social media following and were top influencers. For instance, it was open to people like Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, and the likes! Get an idea of what we mean? The game was more of Clubhouse b2b marketing.

When its creators, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, was asked about it, they said that the reason was to make clubhouse social media more intentional as an app, with conversations and engagement. Security was another issue of concern.
However, as time went by, the users simply started growing into large numbers. By March 2021 it started, asking noise in the mainstream media. Also, it was only available only for iOS users. Now Clubhouse for Android is made available. Have you used the clubhouse app on android? Do let us know in the comments! In order to use the app, you had to receive an invite from a person who was already using the application. Before understanding how to use clubhouse for marketing, let’s get some context of the clubhouse app

Pandemic and The Clubhouse Social Media App

Now you might be wondering, why of all during the pandemic. Ha the entire model seems strange, isn’t it? First, it is exclusive and now you wonder why during the pandemic. You know; in fact, the timing was brilliant. First off this is an audio only app. And trust us, this became the need of the hour.

Even before going further into the reason, let’s digress a little here. We bet you have watched funny Zoom Call videos, correct? If you haven’t, check this one out right here.

Now sit back and imagine. Would this have been possible if it were audio only? Nah right. And also, how many hours have you spent in front of the screen today? Let us know in the comments section.

‘Cos come on if it is a video platform, we need to have a certain decorum and a setup right, you can’t easily cook or do some exercise and be present at a meeting. Yeah, this is where clubhouse app platform rocks. It is “AUDIO-ONLY” platform. It helps you get rid of all those embarrassing moments and lets you do what you love whilst listening to someone talking.
Ah such a strange thing for a social platform, right? Do you think we’d see a lot more changes in the coming future with respect to social platforms? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. And we’ll surely reply! Cos, we love to hear your thoughts.

With that let’s now look at using clubhouse for marketing

Thought Leadership – Clubhouse Marketing Strategy

The way people interact with and perceive brands have changed like anything. Initially, we’d only associate with the products or the ambience of a shop and that was brand for us. But now the scenario has changed.

Brands equal people. In other words, brands are getting more personalized. And typically, the Gen-Z love this structure. This is because they crave authenticity and personalization of experience. And Clubhouse app lets you achieve exactly that. And here’s how.

First of all, it is structured to be exclusive. This means you get more option and choice. Secondly, this facilitates more in-person conversation, which is not recorded unlike podcasts. So, what you converse remains only during the timespan of that conversation. Now this lets the entire process be organic. This is the crux of clubhouse marketing strategy

If you start approaching your brand this way, it helps you understand your audience and their pain points clearly. You can then directly start addressing them at the clubhouse events. This establishes the thought leadership in your field; the stronger the thought leadership the more the awareness about the brand. This is another pillar of clubhouse marketing strategy

One of the coolest things about clubhouse app is that it literally lets you build your brand through word-of-mouth. Cool clubhouse marketing strategy, right!

In fact, a community of cocktail drinkers got connected together and started a Room on clubhouse. They just generally started discussing about cocktails and then boom, the brand just got spread rapidly through word-of-mouth. So, that’s the power of this organic audio only platform.

Another great way to establish your thought leadership is by collaborating with the experts in your fields. The audience here love conversations between two great minds. This acts like clubhouse influencer marketing

The immediate action step you could take is to work on your brand story. ‘Cos all great conversations start with a great story. This can then give you a great kickstart to approach the platform and build your own tribe. So, let’s look at how the structure of Clubhouse is.

Structure of Clubhouse Social Media App

Yeah, this is an audio only platform but there are quite a few similarities with other social platforms like Instagram and Facebook, in terms of its structure.

Consider Instagram for example. The first thing you’d do on your account is have a bio, correct? You do the same thing with Clubhouse as well. Use the first three lines to grab the attention, as with all the great content.

Once you garner the attention, your audience would be thrilled to read more about you, so this is where you could elaborate about yourself in a paragraph or two. Describe your interests, your job and the likes.

Now let’s look at how Clubhouse is structured. As in its name, clubhouse is exactly structured like a house. It has ‘Hallway’ which has ‘Rooms’. The discussions happen in these Rooms. One can use Event Calendars to schedule the Rooms for discussions in advance. Clubs constitute all of this.

There are broadly three sections. First the speakers, who host the audio session, next you would find the followers of the speakers and lastly you come across the audience. The last two sections help you understand and build a community of your own. There is usually a stage setup for the speakers.

The more you take onto the stage and establish thought leadership, the more followers you gain. That said, work your way from small rooms. To start with, tight knit groups are what matters.

Deciding on whether or not to use the Clubhouse App

With such open-ended options, it becomes really important to decide whether to or how to use the Clubhouse social media app for your benefit. Intentionality is the way to go forward.

Use keywords related to your industry or niche and search for people. This works as a great filter and fetches you like-minded people. Also, observe how often topics related to your niche are discussed.

If you’re looking for a larger target audience, you might want to wait to use the clubhouse app on a bit as this is a platform in its infancy, which is gaining audience slowly. By being intentional and mindful of your use, you would avoid vulnerabilities otherwise you may be subject to.

With this we hope you have got some idea about how to use clubhouse for marketing. If you need any help with digital marketing or social media marketing, you could always get in touch with us. As one of the best digital marketing agencies in Bangalore, we cater to all your needs.

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