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TMJ Sleep World, aiming to increase their leads, approached us for social media marketing expertise. To enhance their online presence further, they also entrusted us with redesigning their website. Our combined efforts resulted in significant lead generation and a refreshed digital identity for TMJ Sleep World.

We used calming blue shades and white to create a minimalist, professional, and trustworthy website.




We chose Georgia for its classic, readable elegance, perfect for conveying trust and professionalism, especially in the healthcare sector.

Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova was selected for its modern, clean lines, ensuring a sleek and approachable look, ideal for engaging today’s digital audience.


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UX and Content that Drives Results!

Through meticulous UI/UX design, we crafted TMJ Sleep World’s website to ensure seamless navigation and an intuitive user experience. Our social media strategy was strategically aligned with this, driving traffic to the website through engaging content and targeted campaigns. This approach, complemented by subtle SEO optimizations, resulted in an impressive 20k+ organic traffic, alongside a 4X ROI and a 50% increase in leads, showcasing the synergy between design, content, and digital marketing strategies.

SEO Execution

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SEO Result

Innovkrfat Impact

Our SEO initiatives for TMJ Sleep World have proven highly effective, driving significant outcomes. With organic traffic exceeding 20k and over 1k keywords optimized, our efforts have notably expanded online visibility. This surge in visibility has translated into substantial lead generation, with over 10k leads attributed to organic search alone. Additionally, our strategies have yielded an impressive 4X return on investment, highlighting the tangible impact of our SEO approach on TMJ Sleep World’s business growth.
Organic Traffic
1 K+
Achieved over 20k in organic traffic, showcasing significant online visibility growth.
1 K+
Optimized over 1k keywords, ensuring enhanced search engine prominence and reach.
1 K+
Generated over 10k leads, illustrating the effectiveness of our strategies in driving customer engagement and conversions.


Krafting Success with Customized Marketing

Our customized approach to marketing, incorporating diverse campaigns across platforms like Meta and Google, has proven highly effective. These efforts have yielded the above results, including a remarkable 4X return on investment and a significant 50% increase in business. By tailoring our strategies to resonate with target audiences and deploying personalized messaging, we’ve optimized engagement and driven conversions to achieve tangible business growth.


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Meta & Google

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