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A provider of signage solutions, Infosigns required visibility and reach to their brand. The task was to revamp their website and bring the spotlight on Infosigns by driving SEO strategies and performance marketing initiatives.

A creative construction-inspired modern design system



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Elegant sans-serif font with modern appeal, ideal for headings and body text, known for its versatility and readability.



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Revamping the Website

We started by understanding the client’s need and the visible voice it needed to best showcase them. Our experienced and crafty design team worked by keeping in mind Infosigns’ creative prowess and the niche they have found in the marketplace. The outcome was an intuitive design that captured the essence of Infosigns while also serving as a seamlessly navigable experience for their customers and visitors.

SEO Execution

Simplistic yet Compelling

Our diligent SEO team at Innovkraft delved into the factors that impeded the traction building to their website. The task was to derive organic traffic through natural searches.We started by collecting vital information on Infosigns’ ranking on search pages and performed a basic analysis & to devise the right SEO strategy.

Seo Approach for keywords

Searchable & Desirable

Based on our preliminary analysis, we directed a keyword structure that enabled simplicity and seamless navigation for the searches. By chalking out relevant keywords through indexing, we delivered the exact thing users would search for and easily locate. This approach would go on to also contribute to better user experience & desirable search rankings.



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SEO Result

Upward Traction

After the whole process was executed, what resulted was a commendable rise in the number of impressions on the website. Along with this, the search engine position of their website improved noticeably with a good to high engagement rate.
Website Traffic
100 K+
The number of engagements on the website post our strategic SEO intervention
1 K+
The number of inquiries and leads that came our client’s way
Organic Keywords
1 K+
The number of organic keywords that were indexed and used

Page performance / Optimization

A Strategic Build-up

To improve page performance, we developed strategies that would provide greater control and reach to Infosign’s website.


Meta & Google

Service type

Meta & Google

1 X
1 X


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