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Become the next big thing with Personal Branding

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be known as an expert in your niche? And, to project your vision and your personality to connect to the audience?

People have been doing this for ages and have successfully built a powerful brand around themselves.

Understanding What is personal branding

Personal Branding helps an individual or a business establish an expertise in terms of their skills, brand, and vision

Personal branding is a continuous process and it develops and evolves with the person. With personal branding, you can find and connect with people with whom you share common interest and build your tribe. Once you have a tribe or target audience, you can set goals around your vision, interest, or skill and start working on it.

Who should do Personal Branding?

If you are a student, a job seeker, an influencer, a business owner, or have an interesting idea; it is yours to try. Anybody who wants to put their ideas out there and build a reputation for themselves can and should do it.

There are a few things that are going to help climb up the ladder, which we will discuss in detail in a jiffy.

Reflecting on Why Personal Branding is Important

If you have come so far and still not clear if you should spend time and energy on personal branding, then let us make the picture a bit clearer to you. Sure, it is a time and energy-consuming task but the benefits of personal branding make every second spent on it worth it.

Build a tribe

Personal branding helps you to connect people with similar interests and leave an impression on their minds.


Personal branding allows you to interact with your audience emotionally and connect with them on a personal level. This helps you build a loyal base as people feel the personal connection. Personal branding on social media could do wonders in building a tribe and loyalty.

Promotion and sale

Once a community of trust is built, it gets easier to sell your products or service to them. People tend to spend money when they trust the brand. They also help you get free promotion through word of mouth. Through this, they can help you get in touch with new potential customers and audiences. This is definitely one of the boons of personal branding


This is one of the basic benefits you can expect out of personal branding. It helps you gain followers and makes you a known personality in your niche and beyond.

7 Killer Tips for Personal Branding

Here’s a way for you to start taking immediate action. There are few things to keep in mind and you’re good to go.

Find your niche and sub-niche: Like every business or brand, the first thing is to find the right target audience. Finding the niche is important to cut the noise and stay focused on what makes you different.

Once you are clear with your niche you can keep refining it to a smaller and smaller group and be more structured and focused. Use discussion forums to build your personal branding in a particular niche

Start posting consistently: To build a successful personal brand one needs to be consistent with their interaction. Personal branding on social media can be the best thing for this.

Be consistent and put out quality content that aligns with your vision and personality. Ghosting on social media platforms can sabotage your efforts on personal branding.

Stick to your vision: In the course of posting constantly, chances are you can lose focus and start posting content that does not resonate with your vision and your niche.

This can confuse your audience and can result in losing them. So, creating content around your vision and personality is very important for personal branding.

Be authentic: Since personal branding is about you, pretending to be someone else is out of question. You need to be who you are and what you stand for.

Faking does not work because one cannot fake personality, values, or life as a whole.

Don’t lose focus: The noise that comes with followers can fuel negativity and shift your focus from branding yourself to defaming or arguing with others.

Keep doing rain checks time and time again to keep moving on the right track. This is crucial for personal branding on social media.

Innovate: Innovation is important to stay relevant to the ongoing trend. Keep in mind that the innovation should not be contradictory to the niche you have built.

Promote: Build a tribe you need and reach like-minded people. Promoting your content is one way of doing it. Paid promotion puts your words out there in no time and people who resonate with you or your idea will start engaging with you. It is one of the important steps to build your personal branding and it should not be underestimated or ignored.

The Icons of Personal Branding

Now, let us inspire you with a few of the success stories that will motivate you to take a step further towards your dream.


Elon Musk, the tech genius and visionary need no introduction. He is among the people who have successfully leveraged personal branding. He has created a brand out of himself, which has helped him and his vision gain popularity.

He has done this over the years by telling the story of his journey and he is pretty good at this craft. Effective storytelling has helped him portray his authentic self, his vision, and his journey.

Elon Musk has never shied away from talking about his struggles, failures, and most importantly his dreams. His flaws make him human and people find it more relatable and easier to connect.

Source: Twitter

He has utilized personal branding on social media to build a reputation for himself and interact with his followers. He has built a strong fan base with his consistent post.

The posts that he shares are aligned with his vision and he talks about things that matter to him. His futuristic vision of “life on Mars” and “fuel free vehicles” has not only been a driving force behind his companies but his personality too.

Elon Musk has become synonymous with his businesses and this has been possible because of personal branding.


Gary V is one of the prominent names of the digital world. He is a hustler, a writer, a YouTuber, and a digital marketing expert.

He started off by excelling in the art of storytelling. Gary values passion as it is a deep emotion which he uses to connect with his audience.

He is active on various digital media platforms. You will find him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and many others. He leverages these platforms to connect with his followers and interact with them and consistently puts out content that adds value to like-minded people. 

Source: Pinterest  | Source: Twitter

He engages with his audience by posting highly inspirational content with a problem-solving approach. He is among the best examples of people who explored the realm of digital platforms to build a personal brand and reputation for himself. 


Bhuvan Bam aka BB is a known face for every Indian millennial. If you are active on YouTube; chances are, you have come across at least one of his videos.

He has achieved his celebrity status with his hard work and consistency. True! Not to forget, personal branding has played a vital role throughout his journey. He started his YouTube channel with a phone camera, a vision, and a creative thought.

The characters that he played were part of his personality and the life he has seen. Coming from a regular Indian family, he created content and character that every Indian comes across on a regular basis and so, they became very relatable.

A big take away from BB’s journey is when we lost a huge chunk of followers when he deviated from his personality and made a small change of using a professional camera and beautiful set up to shoot his video. His audience didn’t find it relatable and he had to go back to his authentic self.

Maybe after going through these icons of personal branding, we hope you have got some idea of how and why personal branding is important.

We know you’re thinking how do I do I use personal branding for my growth. The answer is simple, reach out to a personal branding consultant and your problem is solved

Here’s how a personal branding consultant can help.

And if you are inspired enough to take your first step towards personal branding then a digital marketing agency like Innovkraft could help you throughout the journey. At Innovkraft, we will help you find your niche and refine your audience. We can help you get started with your passion along with a direction and give you useful insights from time to time, to keep you on the right track.

With our social media experts, you’ll find yourself achieving your personal branding milestones with ease. We provide excellent social media marketing services by analysing your brand and vision first and then craft strategies and campaigns to yield the best results.

In addition, our web development services are one of the best web development services in Bangalore. So, if you are passionate and want to take personal branding to another level by starting a website or blog for yourself, then we assure you that you are at the right place.

So, don’t wait any more and start your journey of personal branding today.

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