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Social Media Marketing Trends in 2021

Social Media Marketing Trends

New to Instagram or Facebook? Maybe. Maybe not. You might be someone who is looking to change your game on social media.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced chap looking to up your game, knowing these 7 things about social media marketing trends in 2021 gives you an edge over others who don’t.

Share this knowledge, so the others know it too!

Let’s dive in to the game of social media marketing.

1) Infuse Customer Journey to Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

So, did you like the first line you read? If you don’t remember, read it again. So relatable, right?

That’s the power of knowing the customer journey. Social media is the best place to understand the journey of your customers. In fact, our content team realized that people are talking about clubhouse because, they did some social listening.

Social media is one such place where you get people talking about ideas that fascinate them, problems they face, and many others.

As a business, search for audience that resonate with your niche. This is one of the most valuable strategies for social media marketing

It gives you an opportunity to stay connected with every step of the customer cycle (From their struggle to deciding to buy your product).

Approaching social media this way, enables your customers to trust you. In fact, it helps in building customer loyalty for your brand.

2) “Ahem Ahem!” Tone and Voice for Social Media Marketing

Defining the tone helps audience connect to you in a better way. This is true ever more so with GenZ who crave authenticity and connection.

Consider Durex for instance, they have a very funny and a puny tone. If you check us out, we are a mix of fun and formal tone.

So, it’s crucial for you to define the tone you want to use in connecting with your audience. It helps you position yourself as a memorable and a unique brand

3) Be The Einstein of Your Field: Thought Leadership

Say you get stuck operating your TV remote. You pick up your phone and Google it.

You get results from Quora, a Blog, and YouTube. Which one would you choose? (Let us know in the comments)

If you’re like many, you would tap on YouTube.

Say you want to know something more, then checking out influencers on Twitter or Quora gives you more insights.

This is because these platforms are teeming with thought leadership.

Now there are two ways you could go about this, depending on what your business does.

If you’re a product-based brand, you could demonstrate the use of your product and also establish a knowledge base for the need of the product.

If you are a service-based company talk about the ways your service can solve problems

4) Posts and Engagement: The Yin and Yang of Social Media Marketing

Conversations are the key to go here. Always remember that people love authenticity.

The conversation is effective when it incorporates social media posts and comments. Your posts become the voice of your brand while your engagement through comments become the personality of it.

Keeping the trend in mind becomes important while planning your posts. Ask yourself what do the audience resonate with?

One good way to start is to look at other brands or even your favorite brands. The other is to conduct a thorough audience research for your niche.

Do you have a social media calendar for your post? Shoot your answer in the comments!

Comments and engagements have their own benefits

Consider LinkedIn. Although most of us think of LinkedIn as a professional platform, most of the conversation are getting personal. Again, this ties back to the authenticity of a brand on social media.

In fact, you could go live on most social platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) and start building your own personality. Great many companies follow this method.

Live streaming can change and improve the quality of connection with your audience.

5) Content with A Swag – Defining Your Content Forma

With the lockdown, people have chosen video content over GIFs and static posts. Here’s what it means for you.

For instance, using Instagram reels gives you humongous reach. As a business, this means that you are amassing leads who can be your potential conversions.

Check out this reels post on Instagram. We’re not bragging, but still…

So even if you’re running ads, we suggest that you choose video over static posts, because people love video ads over the static ones.

The same phenomenon is also observed in ad campaigns. GIFS perform better than statics, videos perform better than GIFS. In short, people prefer to watch than read.

6) Shops are Now Open: On Facebook and Instagram

Straight up, that’s the power of social media marketing on Instagram or Facebook

The pandemic has taught us that a lot. A lot of shopping is getting digital.

The shopping facility these days are just integrated to both Instagram and Facebook. Your customers directly get to check out from your Facebook or Instagram page. Now this is a great opportunity for you.

Want someone to manage your social media account, with all these cool features? Feel free to chat with us right away. You see the blue button at the bottom right of the screen? Click that!

7) You Must Totes Go with Hashtags for Social Media Marketing.

You know people like you and me spend at least half an hour on one of the social media platforms. Knowing how to reach more people is gold.

There are two things you could do.

First thing to reach more audience is knowing when your audience is online. Posting it at that time gives you tremendous milage.

Align your posts with your niche and decide how you want to present it to your audience.

For instance, if you’re thinking of presenting different shots of your product, choosing carousels on Instagram works well.

Hashtags is the other pillar of social media marketing and reach.

Hashtags act like a filing system for your posts and builds community of audience. Anybody who follows your particular hashtag gets to see your post.

For instance, if you follow #innovkraft on Instagram, you get all the updates about digital marketing and the services we offer you.

Having a hashtag database can save you a lot of time and effort. It simply means you have all the hashtags relevant to your brand at your fingertips.

Do you have a hashtag database? If not, check out what other people in your niche are doing and see how you can use it for your content.

But hey, guess what, we would save the time and effort for you. Just get in touch with us. Or even leave a comment below.

Each social platform has its own hashtag reach. Okay, here’s what we mean.

For instance, you may use #future on LinkedIn and get a lot of exposure on the platform.

While on the other hand, you would have to use #topicalspot for an immediate topical post on Instagram for better reach.


Since time immemorial, we humans have always loved talking and connecting with each other. With time, both humans and their way of communication have evolved.

Social Media platforms precisely is the result of that. If you internalize this, then you will understand why social media marketing is important for your business. Well, that’s the key takeaway we wanted to offer.

We’d always have our doors open for you, reach out to us for any social media marketing service.

By now, we hope you’d have guessed it, we are a social media marketing agency in Bangalore. Feel free to head to our office for any other digital marketing needs you require.

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