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As one of the strategies-focused best digital marketing agency, we expertise in Digital Marketing and Advertising elevating your brand experience to the next level making us the most renowned Marketing Agency. We are a team of zealous individuals who work on complete digital marketing solutions to our customers assisting them to improve their sales online and also surpass in excellence at the competition.

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    SEO Executive

    Full Time


    • Review and analyze client sites for areas that need to improved, deleted, or revised.
    • Prepare detailed strategy reports.

    Location :  Bangalore

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Identify the least expensive but most powerful and profitable keywords for client sites.
    • Daily/weekly/monthly review the keyword Ranking Status
    • Improve a client/company’s organic search results.
    • Ensure websites are filled with optimal keywords.
    • Place keywords appropriately in copy to gain most search engine traffic.
    • Write original, powerful SEO content for blogs and websites.
    • Search for quality resources for Off Page Activities and link building opportunities.
    • Implement off-page SEO content strategies such as coding.
    • Effectively use header tags.
    • Conducting on-site and off-site analysis of web SEO competition.
    • Using google analytics to conduct performance reports regularly.
    • Creating high-quality SEO content.
    • Strategize ways to improve and track site performance.
    • Compile and present SEO performance reports.
    • Consult with independent web designers to improve the navigation of a site to enhance its search engine ranking.
    • Leading keyword research and optimization of content.
    • Utilize basic programming and web design skills to enhance SEO.
    • Create advanced SEO strategies.

    SEO Executive Requirement:

    • Extensive experience in SEO.
    • Working knowledge of Google Analytics.
    • Experience with coding techniques.
    • Thorough understanding of web design and site structures.
    • Good knowledge of back link analysis.

    Qualification and Experience:

    • Marketing degree or related.
    • 0-3 years of experience.
    • Working knowledge of Google Analytics.
    • Good knowledge of back link analysis.
    • Thorough understanding of web design and site structures.
    • A desire to understand what drives Google’s algorithms.
    • High-quality reporting and analytic skills.

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